SOLUS II Thermal Stores


Stratified buffer tank with fresh water technology

The SOLUS series combination tanks are standards in high-efficiency installation for solar heating support. For more than 25 years, more than 40,000 installations equipped with this technology have been in use throughout Europe. Whether it is a single or a collective house, a villa or a hotel, the heat store can be perfectly integrated and completed with all high-efficiency systems. The SOLUS DL, PVT and WP-Storage Tanks have been developed and optimized for combination with heat pumps.

Efficiency and savings

The patented Consolar high efficiency high heat exchange system of the Comfort and Comfort-Pro lines ensures that water heated by the sun is directed upwards though the appropriate ducts, and can therefore be instantly used for consumption. This means that the boiler does not need to be started as frequently. In addition to that, compared to heat stores equipped with integrated hot water cylinders, it is possible to draw heat continuously.



Less bulky, more efficient

By combining the water heater and heating system into a single heat store, you save space in your plant room. Thanks to the angled connections, which act as a thermal brake, heat loss is considerably reduced. To minimize the losses, the SOLUS system features high efficiency LEEPS foam insulation and 2 cm of insulation fleece, which allows it to retain heat for several days. SOLUS II-Comfort-Pro (560L/1050L) are the first steel combination stores to be awarded the “Blue Angel” label, which rewards outstanding environmental efforts.

High efficiency internal water heater

The cold water is heated by the internal water coil due to temperature differences in the heat exchanger housing, and the cooled buffer water is deposited in layers at the bottom of the storage tank. This brings benefits in terms of water hygiene. The completely passive system, which has been tested several thousand times, allows very reliable operation throughout its lifetime, without pumps or control.

Compatibility and compact design

SOLUS systems can easily be connected to almost all types of boilers and heat pumps.
Comfort range: significant energy savings are possible while ensuring comfortable hot water production. This storage tank is also available without integrated heat exchangers and as a buffer module without integrated heat exchanger, for example for combination with external fresh water station or to increase storage capacity.
Comfort-Pro range: compared to the Comfort range, this one has a hot water heat exchanger, which allows even more hot water to be produced at the same time or to lower the temperature required to heat the water.

SOLUS 850L PVT and 1050L PVT

The new SOLUS cylinders for combining PVT modules with brine heat pumps to make heat pump heating systems more efficient. The buffer volume allows the heat pump to use much more electricity produced by itself and to supply the house with heat and hot water later when necessary.

In addition, with the new heat exchanger in the lower part of the storage area, it is possible to defrost the collector field and, if the building is to be cooled, the subsequent possibility of cooling by SOLINK modules is already provided.

SOLUS 560 DL, 850 DL and 1050 DL

SOLUS thermal stores in the DL line are equivalent to those in the PVT line, but are designed for use in areas with little snow (less than 10 days of snow per year) and therefore omit the lower heat exchanger for snow-shedding.

Development and Testing

SOLUS thermal stores are developed and tested in our own laboratory. Excellent temperature stratification and low heat losses enable a very high system efficiency and hence low operating costs for the owner.

Special version on request

For biomass, heat pump and CHP applications, the SOLUS series is also offered without a solar heat exchanger. For district heat network projects, the stores can be produced with an integrated transfer heat exchanger (please enquire about the minimum order).

SOLUS thermal stores, together with PVT, flat plate or evacuated tube collectors from Consolar, permit the creation of very powerful systems for building energy supply.

Certificates and Tests

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Technische Daten: SOLUS II PVT und SOLUS II DL

Technical data5608501050
Store volume550 L850 L1050 L
Net weight147 kg147 kg225 kg
Diameter without
insulation ¹⁾
70 cm79 cm85 cm
Diameter with insulation ¹⁾ 96 cm106 cm110 cm
Height with insulation
12 cm
8 + 2 cm
12 cm
8 + 2 cm
12 cm
8 + 2 cm
Required ceiling height ²⁾171 cm200 cm202 cm
No. of apartments
2 / 1
3 / 2
4 / 2
Area of TUBO collectors4-9.5 m²7-14.5 m²10-20 m²
Area of EURO collectors4.5-10.5 m²8-16 m²11-23 m²
Max. draw down rate at 45 °C ³⁾18 l /min25 l /min30 l /min

1) Installation dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerances and may vary by 1 to 2 cm.
2) This value is based on the assumption that the lid is omitted or cut in half and pushed on from the side.