SOLINK Heat Pump Collector

SOLINK: Energy collector for ground source heat pumps

PVT Collector SOLINK

SOLINK is a new generation of hybrid solar panels specially designed for working with brine heat pumps. Electricity and heat are generated simultaneously by combining photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal (T) technology. The heat exchanger on the collector’s underside complements the solar thermal heat generation with energy from the surrounding air and provides a reliable heat source to the heat pump even at night.

In this way, SOLINK enables the typically high efficiency of brine heat pumps without the need for earthworks or probes. In addition, this brings the advantages of silent operation and flexible installation on roofs or facades. These qualities make the SOLINK collector exceptionally attractive as an energy source.

Due to the high efficiency heat exchangers, it is not necessary to couple the collectors with geothermal probes or other in-ground heat sources. This results in climate-friendly heating systems with low operating costs, which generate the equivalent of their own electricity consumption over the course of the year.



Double use of the roof space and 10 times the heat exchanger surface area

The area of the roof can usually be used only once for electrcity or heat production. With SOLINK, on ​​the underside of the XL 2 m² PV module, a special air heat exchanger with a surface area of ​​20 m² ensures high power production and simultaneous utilization of the module waste heat. This means that the entire heat requirement is directly covered and the total annual electricity demand is produced. The large surface area heat exchanger makes this possible on a much smaller roof area compared to other PVT collectors.

Silent operation

SOLINK works without the usual fans and an outdoor unit. In comparison to an air source heat pump the outside can be enjoyed in peace.

Highest efficiency without a ground array

So far, a ground array of either bore hole or horizontal pipes had to be laid for low power consumption. SOLINK can do without. In most cases, roof or possibly facade surfaces are sufficient. With similar investment costs, a higher return is given.

6% increase in performance, quality and service life

The large air heat exchanger reduces the module temperature compared to standard PV modules with and without heat pump operation. Approximately 6 – 10% higher output yield and a reduced maximum module temperature lead to a long service life. SOLINK has been tried and tested since the winter of 2016/17 and is based on a precursor development that has been in use since 2014.


  • Single house and apartment buildings
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Municipal buildings
  • Cold district heating networks
  • Swimming pools
  • Replacement/extension of Boreholes/horizontal collectors


  • Proven plug-in system for heat and power production
  • Up to 7 collectors can be hydraulically coupled in a row
  • There is no need to fix the hydraulic connectors between the collectors
  • Reinforced hoses are fixed in seconds without tools using plug-in clips
  • All brine circuit means no F-Gas is needed.

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certificates & awards

SOLINK was awarded the Environmental Technology Award for Energy Efficiency of the State of BadenWürttemberg in 2017.

Technical specifications: SOLINK

Collector/ModuleSOLINK 410 MHSOLINK 410 MVSOLINK 500 LH
Collector dimensions (W x H x D)
Gross area
1743 x 1143 x 53 mm
1.99 m²
32 kg
1156 x 1730 x 53 mm
1.99 m²
32 kg
2115 x 1143 x 53 mm
2,41 m²
39 kg
Collector aperture
Aperture area
1743 x 1128 mm
1.97 m²
1156 x 1715 mm
1.98 m²
2115 x 1128 mm
2.39 m²
Rated power ¹⁾410 Wp ± 3%410 Wp ± 3%500 Wp ± 3%
Rated current / voltage ¹⁾13.18 A / 31,1 V13.18 A / 31,1 V13.16 A / 38.0 V
Short-circuit current ¹⁾13.90 A13.90 A13.85 A
Open circuit voltage ¹⁾37.2 V37.2 V45.5 V
Cell / module efficiency ¹⁾21.0 %21.0 %21.0 %
Maximum reverse current ¹⁾25 A25 A25 A
Max. system voltage1500 V (protection class II)1500 V (protection class II)1500 V (protection class II)
Temperature range ²⁾

-30 to +80 °C-30 to +80 °C-30 to +80 °C
Fluid volume3,4 l3,4 l4.2 l
Stagnation temperature70 °C70 °C70 °C
Collector pitch ³⁾30-75° if south-facing30-75° if south-facing30-75° if south-facing

1) Electrical data were measured at standard PV conditions. Improvements due to cooling effects of the heat exchangers are not included. The module performance is continuously developed.

2) Storage conditions. Operating conditions depend on antifreeze concentration.

3) In areas with snow, pitch angle should be no lower than this.