What is solar thermal energy?

When it comes to the direct use of the sun's heat solar thermal energy is a magic word. Take a solar shower or enjoy comfortable heat in your flat while it is freezing outside. You may enjoy all this without feeling guilty since neither fossil fuels are needed, transported or burned, nor does solar energy produce any emissions or waste materials.


Solar energy will always be available. If you decide to use the sun's heat, you will be more independent from raising oil and gas prices. At the same time you pay a significant contribution to the protection of the climate and the environment. Moreover, the sun's energy protects your wallet - make use of the sun and be kind to your boiler.


Solar thermal energy is absolutely clean and it is even financially worth while. Thus, it is no surprise that the demand for solar thermal systems has been growing for several years - and has boomed since the oil and gas prices raised. Many consumers do not know that there is solar thermal energy all over the world. Today's solar collectors produce 15 times more energy than solar electricity plants.


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