Consolar - System Technology

The outlook is sunny! Modern solar equipment means that use of solar energy is no longer limited to just providing hot water but can also be used to support space heating. It is simple and efficient using thermal store. Best of all: the energy comes from the most reliable energy provider in the world, delivered free, for use in our homes. Even when there is no direct sunshine the sun's rays are still delivering plenty of energy. This is achieved by storing the heat energy. Which is good, because conventional raw maerials like oil and gas are becoming scarce - and more expensive. So the climate is ripe for being enterprising. You can save on heating costs and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. That's how to enjoy a sunny future!

Proven and coordinated components combine to form high-performance systems. Now a single provider supplies efficient solutions for all requirements - from single or double-family houses to residential areas with local and district heating.

Choose between the various types of solar energy systems for

water heating and heating support

water heating and solar heating via the new solar heat pumps

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