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Consolar starts mass production of the PVT heat pump collector SOLINK

Frankfurt/Main, May 2018:
On April 16th this year Consolar began mass production of a new energy collector specifically designed for heat pumps. The 2m2 Photovoltaic module is combined with 20m2 surface area air heat exchanger on the underside to provide thermal energy, This makes SOLINK a highly efficient power and heat energy source that was awarded the 2017 Enviromental Technology Award for energy efficiency of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

After a four-year development and testing phase in several European countries, Consolar is launching SOLINK, a new energy source especially designed for heat pumps, onto the market. The collector, developed in cooperation with a Dutch partner and with the support of the German Environmental Foundation (DBU), has a number of special features. Coupled with brine heat pumps from various manufacturers or the SOLAERA solar heat pump from Consolar, there are significant advantages and new areas of application for air and ground-based heat pumps. .  

SOLINK animation on Youtube:

PVT doubles the use of the roof area and has 10 times the heat exchanger surface

On top of the new collector, a 2 m2 XL photovoltaic module produces electricity. Thermal energy for heat pumps is gained via a 20m2 air heat exchanger surface as well as via the modules waste heat on the underside.

Proven plug-in system

SOLINK can be easily be connected hydraulically via a common plug-in connector system proven in the solar thermal industry.

7% more power than standard PV module

The entire heat requirement and, over the year, in most cases also the electricity demand can be covered with SOLINK. Due to the cooling by the air heat exchanger and the heat extraction by the heat pump, SOLINK produces about 7 to 10 percent more electricity than the same PV module without the heat exchanger. 

Silent operation and more space in the garden

SOLINK does away with the usual fans for air source heat pumps and without an outdoor unit. The collectors are mounted on the roof and the heat pump can be placed in the basement, which allows more space and peace in the garden.

Highest operating efficiency and economic efficiency even without ground probes

With SOLINK no earth works are needed. The necessary heat demand is covered from roof or facade mounting of the modules. Calculations by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have shown that with similar investment costs, a better economy is given than with geothermal heat pumps.


The concept builds on a cooperation with a Dutch development partner, as well as several years of preliminary investigations funded by the Federal Environment Ministry, the Federal Ministry of Economics and the German Federal Environmental Foundation. These were done in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The patent-pending new development was realized as a pre-series at the end of 2016. Field test and pre-series systems have been implemented since the end of 2016 in Lörrach, Amsterdam, Liège, Stuttgart and Freiburg.

General information about heat pumps

Heat pumps are an alternative to oil and gas heating systems. They generate heat by extracting energy from either the air or the earth. Air source heat pumps can cause noise due to their fan; are often placed in the garden and consume a higher amount of electricity in winter, so that more generating plants would be required. For more efficient brine (ground source) heat pumps, which draw their energy from the earth or the groundwater, an expert consultation and drilling by a special company is often necessary. Increasingly, holes for geothermal probes are also made difficult by local regulations or are not allowed.

About Consolar

Consolar Solare Energiesysteme GmbH has been one of the leading technology providers in the field of high-efficiency heating systems in connection with heat pumps and solar energy for more than 20 years. Founded in 1994, the owner-managed company develops and sells innovative components and systems in conjunction with concepts for heat and power supply in Europe.

In recent years, Consolar has expanded its offer to meet the needs of municipal utilities, developers, utilities, municipalities, planning offices, and thus larger projects, including multi-family and commercial buildings. A new tube collector for flat roof and façade applications, as well as a modular buffer tank for versatile applications form further building blocks for the energy transition.

With the environmentally friendly and often patented solutions, the building heat supply can only be done with renewable energies and almost CO2-emission-free. Since its foundation, the company has focused on ethical commitment as well as high investments in research and development. This is also evident in more than 40,000 installed systems with Consolar technology and numerous awards.  

Consolar is represented in ten European countries. 

Further information can be found at www.consolar.de.


Executive Partner

Andreas Siegemund


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Link to the poster of the OTTI Symposium 2017 with a summary of the investigations and calculations on cost-effectiveness: http://www.consolar.de/fileadmin/Consolar/user/downloads/Presse/2018/SOLINK-Ankuendigung-Serienstart/OTTI_2017_SOLINK_Poster.pdf

Press package with pictures and product information can be downloaded under the following link: https://www.consolar.de/fileadmin/Consolar/user/downloads/Presse/2018/SOLINK-Ankuendigung-Serienstart/Bilder_Grafiken_PM_SOLINK_2018_05.zip


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