CONTROL 602 and CONTROL 702 – Internet-capable system controllers

Universal heating and solar controllers with internet capability

The state-of-the-art CONTROL 602 and 702 set the standard for system controllers. They have been designed with a number of functions for particularly energy-efficient operation of heating and solar systems.

The standard LAN interface of CONTROL 602 and 702 enables easy remote access to your system via the Internet. Current temperatures and values can be recorded, displayed in curves and settings changed directly via a PC browser, tablet or smartphone. For example, heating can be activated remotely. Daily reports can be generated, for example to send you the yield of your system by email. CONTROL 602 and CONTROL 702 can also use the portal to send emails, faxes or SMS to you or your installation company in the event of maintenance or faults. Simple remote diagnosis is thus possible and maintenance costs can be reduced. Use of the portal is free of charge in the first year.

An SD card allows system data to be recorded seamlessly as a data logger for many years. In addition, it is also possible to save and load the configuration or update the operating system.



Energy and yield measurement

The energy consumption can be measured by measuring the solar yield and connecting up to three external heat meters. This makes it easy to determine the savings from the solar system, the hot water consumption and the consumption of heating circuits. You are thus able to better keep track of your costs. The availability of this function depends on the use of the other functions.

Old and new boilers / water heaters

Most existing and new boiler and heating systems, whether gas, oil, biomass or heat pumps, can be controlled due to the particularly wide range of functions. Many boilers can also be operated in a modulating manner.

Remote control unit TR-CONTROL II Touch

Optional room thermostat and remote control unit TR-CONTROL II Touch. With the TR-CONTROL II Touch you get the normal function of a room thermostat on a touch screen, the main functions and an overview of the most important operating states and temperatures, all in your living room.

Optional features
(depending on the version and selected functionality)


  • Solar control with stratified charging logic
  • New: Solar pump “jump start”, for partially-shaded collector fields
  • Solar yield measurement with or without a volume flow meter
  • New / updated: East / West with two pumps
  • Cooling against collector overheating
  • Dual store control
  • Swimming pool function

Boiler control and integration:

  • New: Single-stage or modulated control of the boiler (power- or temperature-controlled)
  • Solid fuel boiler (wood stove) control
  • Return flow boost or boiler buffering

Heating circuit

  • Control of up to three heating circuits with CONTROL 702
  • New: Screed drying mode

Hot water

  • New: Programmable timer for 3 hot water temperatures: Lowered – normal – extra comfort
  • Time-controlled circulation control


Additional functions:

  • Custom temperature difference control
  • Custom temperature switches
  • New: Holiday function enables deactivation of the automatic heating + DHW for a set number of days
  • New: The service telephone number of the installer can be stored and displayed in the event of a fault
  • New: Data logging, parameter storage and update of the operating system via SD card
  • Optional: Remote control and room thermostat function using the TR-CONTROL II Touch
  • Menu texts in four languages

Please note: Not all functions are simultaneously available in all controllers and variants