Honours & Awards


November 2022: Consolar is honored by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing as a finalist for the Hessian State Prize for Innovative Energy Solutions for the SOLINK PVT heat pump collector. In 2022, the Hessian Ministry of Economics awarded the Hessian State Prize for Innovative Energy Solutions for the third time, recognizing contributions to the energy transition that serve to achieve a secure, environmentally friendly, affordable and socially acceptable energy supply in Hesse.


Awarded March 2021, the jury said: “Consolar GmbH shows that with perseverance, enthusiasm and conviction, obstacles and setbacks in the development of innovative solar systems can be overcome. For their commitment to a solar heating revolution, Ulrich Leibfried, Andreas Siegemund and Hans Stork from Consolar GmbH receive a 2021 Georg Salvamoser Prize to the sum of 5,000 euros.

Environmental Technology Prize

In recognition of our PVT collector, Consolar was awarded first place in the Energy Efficiency category
of the 2017 Environmental Technology Prize in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The PVT collector combines photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal (T) technology with an air heat exchanger to create a modular source for heat pumps.

OTTI Innovation Award 2017

At the 27th specialist symposium for thermal solar systems in Bad Staffelstein in May 2017, Consolar received the Innovation Award for its new modular storage system VARICAL. With its versatile range of applications and great advantages in transportability, heat losses and space requirements, the VARICAL modular buffer store is an important building block for the energy transition in the heating sector.


Consolar SOLUS-TUBO systems

The German product testing foundation Stiftung Warentest awarded Consolar’s SOLUS-TUBO system the rating “very good” for energy saving
in an evaluation from February 2009. In terms of collector dimensions, Consolar had both the highest energy savings and the highest utilisation rate of solar energy of all 13 tested combined systems.

Ethics in Business

At the end of 2005 Consolar was honoured with the award “ETHICS IN BUSINESS” for its above-average social responsibility. With this PR and Benchmarking project German small and medium sized companies are rewarded for their ethical behaviour.

Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest is the best-known German consumer protection organisation, which
independently examines and compares goods and services from different suppliers. In April 2003, Consolar took part in Stiftung Warentest’s evaluation of combined solar systems and emerged as the winner in three categories – with the smallest combined system. In terms of plant efficiency (“degree of utilisation”), “manufacturing, materials and packaging used” and “energetic amortisation” the top grade “very good” was awarded. The SOLUS II 560 L stratified thermal store was tested in conjunction with 6 TUBO 11 CPC evacuated tube collectors.

Innovation Award

At the 17th specialist symposium for thermal solar systems in Bad Staffelstein, Consolar received the “Innovation Award 2007” for its patented new solar system SOLAERA. The innovative solar heat pump system was awarded for its great potential for saving primary energy and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

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The Blue Angel

The first and most famous eco-label in the world. Since 1978, it has set standards for environmentally friendly products and services, decided by an independent jury according to defined criteria. Consolar’s LENIUS CP wood pellet stove, which has significantly lower carbon monoxide and particulate levels than other solid fuel stoves, received the Blue Angel in 2007. Consolar’s PLANO 26 flat plate collector carries the Blue Angel due to its consistently high solar yields. Consolar’s thermal store SOLUS II guarantees the highest energy savings for hot water and heating: Both the SOLUS II 850 L and the SOLUS II 1050 L, designed for a larger store volume, received the Blue Angel. In 2009, the TUBO 12 CPC evacuated tube collector was also awarded the eco-label.

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German Federal Environmental Foundation

The Federal Environmental Foundation (Bundesstiftung Umwelt) promotes innovative, particularly environmentally friendly products that reduce environmental and climate impact through their design (materials, material cycle) and use. The goal is to provide benefits to society as a result pioneering innovations that provide impulses to the market. Three Consolar products have been funded by the Federal Environmental Foundation: the CONUS stratified thermal store, the CONTROL system controller and the novel solar heat pump SOLAERA.

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Fair Company

The organisation Fair Company has included Consolar in its company list. On karriere.de, a list of companies is maintained which identifies all FairCompanies, together with an application recommendation.”