Guiding concept and vision

Consolar contributes to the change to a regenerative energy supply through advanced solar systems.

Reliable and cooperative relationships are the basis of our actions.

Social responsibility

With our products, our working methods and our corporate decisions we aim to contribute to a sustainable, just and humane social and economic system with rapid conversion to a solar/regenerative supply of energy.

We consciously want to take responsibility for the full creation process of our products. As a result, we strive to find more direct supply channels in purchasing our components etc. When we use imported items, we try to avoid inhumane working structures.

Internal cooperation

Fair and respectful relationships, the mutual appreciation of our work and the opportunity for empowerment are fundamentally important to us. Our actions are based on honest and reliable communication and constructively dealing with conflicts.

We want all employees to be able to grow personally, to express their creativity and to balance work and private life. 
We aim to avoid significant wage differences. This is why Consolar offers its employees the possibility to participate in determining the company’s wage model.

Consolar’s success factors

A stable economic basis is very important to us. By creating and retaining jobs we try to reach this aim. Our management style is forward-looking and we have as few dependencies as possible.

An excellent work environment, a high level of job satisfaction, motivation, commitment and the loyalty of our employees are the core pillars of our company. These factors are particularly influenced by how we deal with one another.

Our relationships with our customers are honest and humanly enriching.
We are highly innovative.

Our ethical convictions are very important to us and they also motivate us in our work.

Contact Consolar 

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