Consolar. High-efficiency solar systems

For over 27 years, Consolar has been a technological leader in the field of solar heating. The company was founded in 1994 by four engineers who met each other while studying. 

Beginning with innovative plastic thermal stores with patented heat stratification and specially developed controllers, Consolar today offers complete system solutions for practically all situations in old and new buildings. In order to achieve particularly high system efficiency and low fuel consumption, we are constantly breaking new ground and setting standards within the industry.

From left: Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Leibfried (Research & Development), Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Siegemund (Marketing & Commercial Sales), Dipl.-Ing. Hans Stork (Finance & Technical Sales)


Together, Dr. Ulrich Leibfried, Hans Stork and Andreas Siegemund continue to manage the company as managing directors. They share responsibility for individual business areas and are united in the vision of a 100% solar/renewable energy supply.


In-House Laboratory

In Lörrach, South Baden, key components such as evacuated tube collectors, PVT collectors and thermal store and heat exchanger systems are developed and tested in the company’s own laboratory. Production takes place at specialised manufacturing plants. Consolar has trade partners in more than ten European countries.

Environmentally-Friendly Development

The Consolar production hall has been converted to a low-energy standard thanks to particularly strong insulation. Passive and active use of solar power and solar heat, as well as a wood chip boiler, ensure an environmentally friendly and CO₂-neutral heat supply. Similarly, the ecological footprint of the materials used for our products and the shortest possible transport routes to suppliers are also important criteria in terms of our own mission statement of sustainable business.

Satisfied Consolar Customers

More than 40,000 systems with Consolar technology are now in operation, from Europe to the Antarctic. Consolar works together with leading institutes in the development and testing of its systems. The components are thoroughly tested inside and out.

The recipe for success lies above all in the close cooperation with our customers, beginning in the development phase.

The particularly high efficiency of the systems, even when integrated into existing heating systems, is a central task.

Guiding Concept and Vision

Our vision is a 100% renewable energy supply. With particularly advanced solar systems, we can thus contribute to the transition to renewable energy and support the development of a sustainable, equitable and human form of society and economy. In addition to the high standards of highly efficient and durable technology, the way we work is also important to us. The foundation for this is a good working atmosphere with strong influence, responsibility and motivation from all employees.

Research and Development

A particular strength of Consolar lies in its push for innovation and its long-standing partners in development.

Numerous national and international patents and registered designs form the basis for the production of high-quality systems.


Efficient technologies with foresight — Consolar is proud to have received a number of significant awards.

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